To establish TCB as a leading resource in the promotion of professional and compassionate models of service provision for mental health in Pakistan through an interplay of greater awareness, community engagement and research development. 


To promote and encourage the empowerment of those facing mental health challenges, through an inclusive, innovative platform for engagement, effective support mechanisms and quality service provision.

Our Values

  • Community: To build strong connections and encourage resilience between and within individuals, families and communities, based on social inclusion.
  • Quality: To provide effective and high standards of care to those battling mental illness.
  • Respect: To acknowledge the equal value of every human life, and to support the autonomy, confidentiality, dignity and individuality of those with mental illness.
  • Equity: To promote equality of care, services and recovery to those struggling with mental health, regardless of their age, gender, sexual identity or religious affiliation.
  • Hope: To create an environment for those whose lives are affected by mental illness to experience the benefits of positive change and enhance optimism for a better future.