Aliza / Female / 31 / Karachi

A little love and care can save a life!

“You are sick, you need to go and see a psychiatrist”, is often the one liner that most of the people suffering with some kind of issue are often told. But it’s forgotten that what people need is a human connection, friends and family around who assures them that they believe in the person. Seeing a psychiatrist or a counselor is still considered as a societal taboo where we live. A person who is sad or upset is often left out alone because nobody wants to be with them. When someone actually gets the courage to admit that they are suffering from depression and anxiety and speaks about it they are told not to ask for sympathies, or they are told that you only think about yourself and thus that person goes into isolation and that minor depression turns into something major and thus the entire life of that person is changed.

When we say “Mental” it is often taken in the negative way and people suffering are shunned away. It makes me wonder, when we have a physical problem like a broken arm or leg, or illness such as fever and cough or major diseases such as cancer we go to doctors, we get it treated and we even have support of our family and friends. When a person breaks an arm or leg, and have a brace on it, friends want to sign it and send all get well soon wishes. But when a person is going through a sad and depressive phase of life, the closest of people leave because they think that you just burden them and they don’t want it.

When you tell someone of you problems or what you are going through the first thing people assume is that maybe you need some financial assistance or you need their help and they detach from you. Or they judge you and eventually leave you.

I feel a little love and care can bring such a great change in anyone. When you water and take care of a tree or a dog or cat who can’t speak or tell you that they are in pain makes them loved and happy, imagine what that care and love can do to a human being’s life who actually admits that they are in need. Be a little empathetic, it costs nothing. The best thing you can give someone is your time and attention and just an assurance that you are there no matter what. Its not easy to trust someone, but when someone trusts you, don’t make them regret it. Nothing can break a human more than rejection, bad treatment and betrayal.

You don’t want to be in a position that you leave someone in, it’s like living in your own personal hell and it’s not a good place. Take care of people around you, love and support can make this world a much happy place. Above all doing something for someone in a genuine way actually makes you happy, try it if you don’t believe me. The peace and contentment of heart it brings is un-parallel.

Mental health is as important as physical health. If your mind is not happy and at peace, no matter how much money you have nothing can bring a difference in your life.

Be kind, be there, be humble! You have the power to make someone’s life better!