Community Engagement Strategy

  • To recognize community as a unit of identity and build on the strengths and resources within the community, in an effort to promote a co-learning and empowering processes, to tackle the ‘social’ causes of mental health symptoms.
  • To build and constantly expand a community that allows those who are experiencing mental health issues to form connections which help them thrive physically, mentally and emotionally through a sense of belonging, and a safe platform to explore ideas and share their own experiences.
  • To move away from the conventional approaches to mental health, to a more holistic understanding by finding linkages with a multitude of fields such as law, environment, sociology, economics and anthropology.
  • To use creative arts as a means of making the invisible symptoms of mental health more ‘visible’.

TCB’s Creative Residents are a group of local artists, including painters, musicians, writers, dancers and film makers, who use their talents to either shed light on mental health as they perceive it; or use their creativity as a therapeutic resource. Their efforts provide an innovative way for mental health illnesses to present themselves visually; making it easier to for community members to understand, and ultimately easier to provide support to those around them.