daanika kamal


Daanika Kamal holds an LL.M. from the University of Warwick. She specializes in human rights law, is a mental health advocate and an internationally published author and editor based in Islamabad. She is also a development specialist with experience in policy-making and legislative drafting, with a specific focus on access to justice and rights protections. Daanika founded TCB in 2018 to provide a safe platform for information, engagement, support and services for those battling mental health illnesses, as part of her efforts to affirm mental health as a fundamental human right.

Zaynah Gilani

Advocacy & Outreach Lead

Zaynah has a master’s degree from University College London and pursues her passion for engaging in policy-making and lobbying with government ministries, private institutions, donor agencies, and local and international NGOs. She believes in evidence- based policy and advocacy initiatives, using innovative techniques and platforms to create knowledge at the community level. At TCB, Zaynah plans to chase curriculum development to better understand mental health and address social issues to create critical mass for all tiers of the society.

Amal Naeem Qureshi

Research & Development Lead

Amal Naeem Qureshi has a master’s degree from Harvard University, and over 6 years of experience working in research, development and grant management. She has worked on research projects with the World Bank, European Union and DFID, primarily coordinating with monitoring and evaluation units. Amal has been an avid advocate for mental health and is Research & Development Lead at TCB.


Service Provision Lead

Khadija Shah is an applied mental health professional with Mind (UK), a leading national charity that specialises in providing mental health support and focuses on empowering people experiencing mental health problems and has had previous experience working with mental health issues amongst adolescents and children. She has also conducted research on memory among adolescents on the autism spectrum. Khadija is a devoted advocate for mental health and believes in removing societal stigmas surrounding mental health and providing access to support for those in need. She holds a degree in Psychology from the University of East Anglia.

Zoya Imam

Business & Strategy Lead

Zoya Imam is an Investment Management expert with over 6 years of experience in marketing, operations, research and development & business strategy. She has a Bachelor of Science in Management from Warwick Business School, and brings a breadth of experience from working in various companies across several industries, including TPL Corp, L’Oreal, Experian, Citi Private Bank and UBL Fund Managers. She hopes to enrich and fortify people’s self-knowledge and help them believe that they have the ability to overcome mental health difficulties and create the life they desire.

Majida Malik

Networks & Partnerships Lead

Majida Malik has a masters in development economics from City University and over four years of experience of working with underprivileged communities in the development sector. She specializes in forging networks and partnerships with the corporate sector. She aspires to help individuals battle against mental health concerns by providing them the right support through TCB.


Suhaee Abro

Resident Dancer & Actress

Suhaee Abro is a performing artist. She specializes in the field of dance and is a trained classical dancer. Suhaee is also an actress and works selectively in television plays, theatre, documentaries and music videos. She has been very vocal about her own experiences with a neurological condition, the lack of awareness and information available in Pakistan, and how dancing helped her get through a tough period in her life.

Shehzad Ghias

Resident Comedian

Shehzad Ghias Shaikh is a Fulbright scholar, holds a Masters in Theatre and is one of the foremost stand up comedians in Pakistan. Apart from multiple national tours, Shehzad has also performed in Dubai, Germany, Canada and toured the United States, including a one man special at the Broadway Comedy Club in New York. Shehzad frequently conducts talks and workshops on mental health at various schools and universities using his own experiences battling depression to help create awareness about the subject.

Maria Unera

Resident Musician: Singer & Song-Writer

Maria Unera is a 23-year-old singer/song-writer from Islamabad. Her first single 'Strong', was dedicated to her late mother who fought cancer, and touched the lives of many. She shares her struggle with mental health in her latest single '21st Century Love', as a message of motivation for young adults who struggle with mental health problems. She believes that music is a universal language and aims to use her music to bring people together.


Resident Photographer & Filmmaker

Maazin Kamal is an award-winning screenwriter, director and photographer from Karachi with an MFA from the American Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles. His first two short films, 'Bobo' and 'the Wolf and the Wayfarer' both feature protagonists that are struggling to stay afloat in the midst of a crippling depression. Follow his work on http://www.maazinkamal.com.

Minelle Gaya

Resident Artist

Minelle Gaya is an NCA graduate and artist based in Karachi. She is currently working on a series of artwork aimed to shed light on mental illness through an interplay of contrasts. Her work visualizes the dichotomy between pain and suffering, disguised by health and happiness. She believes that every flower deserves the opportunity to bloom.

Gentle Robot

Resident Singer, Songwriter and Producer

Gentle Robot is a producer/singer/songwriter based in Lahore, operating under a pseudonym. He is associated with acts like Keeray Makoray, Takatak, Janoobi Khargsh, Sikandar ka Mandar and Ali Sohail. He learned his craft from True Brew Records where he worked on various commercial projects, including the score and sound design for Sarmad Khoosat's film "Manto". His songs are about his own struggles with anxiety and depression and he uses music as a means to channel all these emotions in the form of honest self expression. He believes a healthy, creative outlet like music can help anyone find some peace within themselves.

Shameen Raza

Resident Writer

Shameen takes writing as one of the purest forms of exorcism; where all demons and angels collide into an insane mesh of words and wonderment. She is in the process of publishing her first (fictional) novel, exploring the many dimensions and dichotomies of a woman’s existence. Shameen has an MA degree in Gender and International Development from the University of Warwick.

komal shahid khan

Resident Painter - Miniatures

Komal Shahid Khan is a Miniature Artist based in Islamabad, whose work has been showcased nationally and internationally. Komal's miniature paintings extend from traditional to conceptual and eventually experimental. She sees her work as elusive, suggestive and subtle, with the main themes highlighting societal dogmas and stigmas.