Approximately 1 in 5 individuals experience mental health illnesses in any given year. These numbers include anxiety and depression, and scale up to more serious conditions such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. There is little if any research of mental health illnesses in Pakistan. The research that does exist takes statistics to be a gross underestimate given the lack of information and resources to identify the illness, and the societal pressures to label it as such. Current estimates suggest that there are 50 million people in the country who need attention from mental health practitioners, which is approximately 24 per cent of the population. Some doctors claim that up to 40 per cent of Pakistan’s 200+ million population suffer from common mental health conditions.

The Colour Blue is working towards collecting data for a baseline study on mental health in Pakistan, which focuses on (1) societal perceptions of mental health; (2) community level understanding and knowledge regarding its prevalence, causes, symptoms and cures; (3) statistically supported data to determine the number of citizens living with mental health challenges; and (4) assessing access to information, resources and services for mental health.

Research Strategy

TCB generates knowledge which creates substantial impact, through a research agenda that is current, credible and contributes to individual, community and societal change. Our research strategy focuses on knowledge production, knowledge utilization and knowledge contribution.


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